Our networks and communities

Our networks and communities

The French Institute of Bioinformatics, the French Forestry Network...who are URGI’s other partners and collaborators?

TE Hub

TE Hub is an open platform for researchers working on transposable elements (TEs). It is a reference site that has brought together the range of available online TE resources. Organised in the form of a Wiki-based website, the hub facilitates contributions and collaborations among the entire TE research community.


Mobil ET

Headed by the CNRS Institute of Ecology and Environment (INEE), an official research group (GDR) was created to focus on TEs. A spotlight was thus shone on Mobil ET, a network of 38 multidisciplinary research teams. Within Europe, French scientists form one of the most active communities for research on mobile genetic elements in general and TEs in particular. The GDR is in the field’s vanguard—developing novel genomic approaches, describing new TEs, and advancing understanding of mobile element mechanics. This recently formed, highly dynamic group is driving and unifying discoveries in TE research as it simultaneously seeks to identify new directions for collaborative projects.


Resources for genetics research

CATI GREP—a genomics research environment for plants

Plant genomics is the focus at the Automated Information Processing Centre (Centre Automatisé de Traitement de l'Information [CATI]), formally established in 2019. The centre’s objective is to produce tools for 1) analysing genomes and genomic data and 2) integrating the results with the suite of genetic and phenotypic data available for plants. CATI GREP is a member of an inter-CATI "omics" collective. The collective’s diverse meeting activities and presentations (e.g., developed during hackathons) are available via SharePoint.

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